3 Good Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Photographer

Weddings are really special because they only happen once in a lifetime. If you want to be able to immortalize your memories during that very special day, one of the best things you can do is to get a great wedding photographer who’s going to capture all of your special and lovely moments during that day.

Some people think that they can just ask their friends or family members to take their wedding photos for them. This may be a good ideas as it will allow you to save some money. However, this may not be the best thing to do not unless you have people in your family who are expert wedding photographers. If not, then you shouldn’t take the risk. You want to have the best professional to cover your wedding so you can be assured that your wedding photos are going to look really good.

There are tons of wedding photographers out there but not all of them can deliver quality services so you need to take some time to do some research so that you can find the best ones like Jason Snow who will surely be able to give you great and memorable wedding photographs. It’s a great idea to browse around online and take a look at the portfolios of different photographers so that you’ll get a good idea as to how they do their work.

Wedding Venue Tips for Brides

A wedding day is a dream come true to many of the brides. It’s therefore imperative for the bride to want everything to be perfect. The venue for the wedding plays a crucial part in the success of the big day since this is where all the activities take place. You can have an amazing cake, breathtaking outfits, and enthusiastic guests, but if the venue is awful, the ceremony will not be a success.

Consider whether the size will accommodate your guests

Establish what you need in a particular venue. The size of the venue should accommodate your guests comfortably. Check for various details such as the number of rooms, the paths available, parking space among other features. Ensure there is adequate space for children to play to avoid distractions in the guest area.

Moreover, if possible consider selecting venues that have great views for you and your guests to enjoy the ceremony and take memorable photos. Most importantly, establish whether you want the venue to hold both the ceremony and reception or separate since it also determines size. It will give you a simpler time in identifying which venue suits you.

Compare the price with the budget

The prices charged for the venues vary. Choose a venue whose price lies within your budget. In most cases, the price depends on the size, demand and packages that come with the venue. Have a list of the most important items as per your ceremony and choose one that meets the most vital requirements. Consider the packages carefully and also seek the opinion of professionals before making the final decision.

Find out additional services offered

There are traditional and exotic wedding venues that you can have the wedding. Traditional venues are those that are popular in holding such ceremonies, for example, factory51.com.au/wedding-venue/. Exotic areas, however, don’t hold them as often. In both cases, enquire on additional services that you can get to save you from engaging other companies.

For example, catering services, decorating, photography etcetera. Since most are conversant with the activities that take place, you can get a better deal especially if in need of many of the services. It will also help with the coordination since the provider is one.

Determine the duration of stay allowed on the venue

wedding venues

Some venues restrict activities after a certain time. Check to confirm that your wedding schedule and activities line up with the regulations of the venue. Are you looking to have an all-night party or just a short ceremony? Make them aware of the plans.

Some venues tend to host more than one wedding a day. Ensure that your day does not overlap with other weddings leading to confusion. Any other activities taking place on the venue should not interfere with your event.

Conduct various venue visits

Before embarking on the journey to get a wedding venue, have a list of places you would like the wedding to be. In addition, include a list of preferred items in a venue. Then conduct site visits to all the areas on the list and mark the different services you get. However, do not visit more than three sites in a day since you might get overwhelmed. If possible, get one or two people to accompany you during the visit. They would be able to notice things you may miss out on.


These are just some of the tips to use when it comes to choosing your wedding venue. Especially relevant is remember to involve other people part of the wedding planning especially the groom. Another important person is the wedding planner if you have one since they are experienced.

Choosing A Wedding Photographer For Your Special Day

Even though pictures fade away eventually, they’re still one of the best ways for us to record our most treasured memories in our life. Your wedding day is perhaps one of the many milestones that you’ll have as a person so you want to make sure that you get to record your memories for it so that you can look back at it with your spouse when you get old and already have grandchildren.

Your wedding is only going to happen once so you need to get the right wedding photographer who’s going to capture it well. Great wedding photographers with awesome talent like victoriaisabelphotography.com are hard to come by nowadays so you might want to invest a good amount of time shopping around for different ones in your area. Take a look at their portfolio so you can have a good idea as to how good their work is and what you can expect from them. Next, make sure to ask for a quote for your wedding so that you’ll know whether or not the cost of the service is going to fit right into your budget. Keep in mind that even though getting a good photographer is important, you don’t want to spend all of your money on it.

Diving Photography In Malta and Gozo

Malta and Gozo Diving Photography

The Maltese archipelago comprises of three islands; Malta Island being the largest, followed by Gozo Island, the mythical isle of Calypso, and the tiny Comino Island. The languages spoken here are Maltese and English.

Lying at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta and Gozo islands have the best diving spots in the world. According to divers in Europe, Malta and Gozo is a must see. The clear waters and the beautiful scenarios make the islands ideal for diving. Since diving sites are not far from each other, divers have a better chance to explore a variety of underwater worlds. Maltese islands have been noted in the most recent for their scuba diving than in the past. Taking photos under the clean, clear blue water that surrounds the beautiful island is definitely a must if you are going for a dive. Diving photography is one of those things that you cannot do very often. So you should always take a go pro with you.

Below the clear blue Mediterranean Sea waters, divers are offered some unique experience of caves, reefs, and wreck to explore the marine life also flourishes in a vibrant display of colors. Features that make Malta and Gozo unique are;


The Mediterranean Sea surrounds the islands. The waters are some of the clearest and limpid in the world, with excellent visibility of more 30 meters/ 100 feet deep.  The islands are well known for scuba diving because of their clear blue Mediterranean Sea water that makes them ideal for the activity.

The waters are calm with no tides only a few currents which make the islands friendly for diving.

Water Temperature

The water temperature in these islands is the best, although temperatures vary all year round, they are okay for diving.

From December through April, the temperature ranges between 15-17 ̊ C / 58-68 ̊ F and from May through November 18-25 ̊ C / 65-77 ̊ F.


Malta and Gozo experience a hot and dry summer and a cool winter though short. Most divers consider the climate here as the best with air temperatures ranging between 10-15 ̊ C/ 50-59 ̊ C in January and 21-30 ̊ C/ 70-83 ̊ C in July.

Featured Creatures

The clear Mediterranean Sea offers some unique diving experience in the islands. These Islands are the only place you will see parrotfish, some of the bigger groupers of the Mediterranean, stingrays, barracuda and cardinal fish. Some sandy sites are home to flying gurnards and Mediterranean flounder whereas rocky areas abound with octopus.

Submarine Wrecks

An in-depth history is covered within these blue waters. Some of them being war wrecks. There is an impressive collection underneath of plane, ship and submarine wrecks. Some of them sank intentionally by the government to act as dive attraction while others catastrophe had it best and they capsized such as a plane that capsized while trying to land on its belly, though in the deep, a few experienced divers get there.

Diving courses in Gozo are offered locally by licensed diving schools. Before diving, you must have a complete medical statement form showing fitness to dive. Medicals from other countries are acceptable as long as the diving center is presented with a copy. In case a scuba diver prefers to dive unaccompanied, he/she is supposed to have a buddy and present a PADI open water diving in Malta and Advanced Open Water or an equivalent certification from other agencies such as CMAS Two Star, SSI Advanced Open Water.

Photographers Need Accountantants and Financial Advisors

Photographers too need to take care of their accounting and finances

Here’s an article I put together with the help of Craig from CSB Group. This should help clear some questions you might have on the subject of finances, accounting and tax 🙁

Active fund administrators have been around for years, with financial advisors frequently recommending them to less savvy clients. However, in recent years’ passive funds have been developed, and a wide swath of research by finance professors’ claims that active fund administrators, as a group, do not beat the market.

This article shall list a few arguments for and against active fund administrators, along with describing a few findings from modern investment research.

Arguments in Support of Active Fund administrators

– According to Investment Week, recent M&G analysis shows that the top 10 active funds in the IMA UK All Companies hugely outperformed the FTSE All-share index, returning 117.7% on average compared with just 26.9% from the index.

– In emerging markets, the majority of the risk comes from geopolitical risk. Active fund administrators will be able to use their skills to move assets away from troubled countries.

– Small and Medium cap companies, as well as those from emerging market economies, receive less attention from analysts. It is therefore possible for skilled professionals to identify and profit from inefficiencies in these markets.

Arguments Against the Use of Active Fund administrators

– While some active fund administrators and asset management firms have historically beaten the market, this is due to luck. As a group, empirical evidence shows that active fund administrators underperform tracker funds, mainly due to the high fees that they charge. Just because a manager has outperformed the market in the past, does not mean that they will outperform the market in the future.

– The fees from active fund administrators are too high, and seriously hinder their changes of outperforming the market. Investors are therefore better off using tracker funds.

– A lot of the reported outperformance certain active investment styles can be attributed to passive factors that can easily be reproduced in a low cost, transparent and efficient fashion. The book “Active Beta Indices” provides a good discussion on this subject.

Other points of interest

Brazil is categorised as an emerging market, so this finding goes in line with the argument that active management is more suitable for emerging markets, as well as small and medium cap companies.

Along a similar line of argument, some analysts have stated that well covered markets such as the US and UK large cap markets will be efficient due to the number of people trading them, but that opportunities could be found in less covered areas. According to this line of thought, investors who wish to invest in large cap shares should invest in trackers, while those who wish to invest in smaller companies should choose actively managed funds.

Some large firms such as Merril Lynch and Goldman Sachs have conducted research into passively replicating the returns of active hedge funds. These use methods such as “factor-based replication” and “payoff distribution replication”, and can involve regressing hedge fund returns against factors such as the VIX volatility index and interest rate differentials.

There Is No Firm Answer

The debate between Active and Passive fund management is still alive and strong. Two of the biggest unanswered questions in this debate are:

– Do different markets have different levels of efficiency? The early arguments in favor of passive funds asserted that fund administrators fail to beat the market. But more recently, proponents of active management have stated that it is developed markets that are efficient, and that those with skill can still beat undeveloped markets.

– Can the returns from active funds be passively replicated? The studies from Merril Lynch and Goldman Sachs are publicly available for those who wish to peruse them, and in the coming years there will undoubtedly be new investable funds based on these indices.

In my personal experience, the equity indices are developed markets definitely contain areas of inefficiency, as I have managed to earn a living through speculating on the largest European equity index futures. However, what I do involves trading exceptionally short time frames, is non scalable, and therefore cannot be applied to the mass market. From this I believe that there could be small areas of inefficiency in any market.


There is no firm answer as to whether or not active managers outperform the market. There are papers that claim to show empirical evidence both for and against them. And even papers based on empirical evidence can be questioned, as statistics can be fiddled to support the author’s objectives.

An example of statistical curve fitting is the M&G analysis mentioned above. Based on a large sample of fund administrators, we would expect them to roughly track the market (minus their fees). After 10 years, roughly half would beat the market, and roughly half would underperform. The number of fund administrators that we’d expect to outperform the market would be a function of volatility, which would depend on the tracking error that active fund administrators are permitted in their mandates.

Wedding Venues in Dubrovnik Croatia

Stunning Wedding Venues in Croatia

Decided to say yes to that special someone. Now for the date and venue. Croatia it is, we hear? Great! Now for the exact location. May we suggest Dubrovnik?

Granted the marriage is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. And the case being so, we have to try and make everything about it special. For the sake of memories and smiles. Long after the wedding is over and people have gone on to breed families, they will look back the photographs and memories that stay behind of the day it was.
Families, friends, good food and weather. All of these in a location that will add the spice factor to the entire arrangement. If a beach side wedding was always your dream, Croatia can very well fulfill it. Located in Eastern Europe, it is a country belonging to the Euro zone.
Dubrovnik Night

This Adriatic beauty’s name may have registered in the minds of those who are in close proximity of it. For those living away from its shores, perhaps not.
If a romantic setting for your wedding is what you dreamt of, then you will not regret choosing Dubrovnik. This place provides you with a romantic atmosphere to make the wedding day special.  Dubrovnik has been a silent witness to many weddings. From ancient churches, stone paved streets, fortresses and hotels to bell sounds that light up your days, Dubrovnik has a lot to offer.

Photography is this part of the land will be a real tough thing for the cameraman. Each sight is a pleasure to behold and he would be in a fix to decide which to give a miss and which to use as a backdrop.



Certain settings are more apt for wedding venues.

Sponza Palace:A spectacular architectural attraction to arrange a marriage in Dubrovnik. Built by Paskoje Milicevic, Sponza Palace is from the renaissance period.

Rector’s palace: Stylish. That is how one would describe this Gothic and Renaissance styled palace from the 15th century.

Lovrijenac fortress: A fortress in the outskirts of the western part of the city. Its terrace is an ideal place to conduct a wedding ceremony affording a view of the city below.

Revelin fortress: Built outside the city walls, Revelin is also a unique venue to conduct the wedding in. A large fortress in the eastern part of the city, next to the Ploce Gate, it guards the Dubrovnik harbor.

Palm Terrace: The beautiful terrace in Dubrovnik affords an unforgettable view of the Old City. It is ideal for organizing all kinds of events, gala dinners, cocktail parties and wedding ceremonies.

The island of Lokrum: The island is filled with resorts, bays, the sight and sound of the sea, pine woods, a monastery and much more. It is a treasure trove that will make your wedding memorable.

Restaurant Nautika terrace: It has been declared one of the most romantic restaurants in the world by the readers of the Conde Nast Travel magazine. One can select Nautika situated in Pile to hold the wedding. It is a much celebrated restaurant.

If you want more information about wedding venues in Croatia, I suggest you visit http://wedourway.com/croatia-wedding-venues

This website has all the necessary details you would ever need to plan you overseas wedding in Croatia. But thats not all. She is a lovely wedding planner and can organize your wedding, stress free especially if you are living outside of Croatia and I know how hard it is to make sure everything is up to speck from over the phone and skype. A wedding planner in Croatia may cost you around $2500 to $3500 but its worth every penny. They have a lot of contacts with the best vendors, like the photographer, wedding car hire, churches, venues, catering and more.

Planning for Your Wedding Photography

Why Should You Plan Your Wedding Photography Ahead of Time

When you start to plan your wedding, it goes without saying that you need to have everything in order. This will mean lots and lots of checklist, post-it notes in your favorite magazines and even a binder that includes all of the details of your wants, wishes, budgets and more. However, when it comes to the planning of your photos on your big day, special attention should be given to all of the aspects of your wedding pictures. Even when you are working with a professional photographer, a good planning guide with helpful tips can be a valuable asset to have.

Finding A Photographer

If you do not have a photographer yet, you can take the time to look for one in or around your local area. Instead of just going with the first photographer that has your wedding date open, there should be a bit of research and communication involved. Because this is a professional that you would like to hire to take care of all of the memories that you will have of your wedding, you need to treat it almost like you would if you were interviewing someone for a job. Talk with the potential photographers about what their experience is, find out how many people will be working with them on your wedding day and look into any references that you can gather.

Or rather than spending countless hours getting quotes and emailing photographers back and forth, hire a wedding planner and let her do the work. A professional wedding planner will have so many contacts with local vendors and knows the ins and outs of the industry. Also, she will help you hire the best photographer according to your budget. This is especially if you are planning a wedding overseas.

What Is Their Working Style?

This is the answer that you are looking for to help you really determine whether or not you will end up with a professional photographer that is going to be able to blend into the background or not. Someone who will be able to blend seamlessly will be in the background, taking the time to shoot whatever happens naturally. There is then the type of photographer that has a very visible presence, choreographing shots and really taking charge to make sure that everyone is in line for family pictures and more.

Get The Important Shots

There will always be certain photographs that you simply have to have in order to capture all of the memories that show the timeline for your wedding. Talk with the photographer to make sure that he or she will have an idea of the must-have photos so that there is a checklist in place. This will include pictures such as getting ready, pinning on flowers, exchanging rings, the first dance, cutting the cake, and much more.


Believe it or not, there is a great deal of benefits that come with having a photography planning guide that you can use as you are gathering everything that you need for your wedding. The guide is there to make sure that you have everything laid out in your budget, that you have a listing of all of the photographs that you need to have, payment information, contact information and other details. When you have this section in your wedding planning binder, you are sure to look back on it frequently until your big day comes around.

If you would like to get your hands on a full checklist go to http://www.realsimple.com/weddings/ceremony/must-have-wedding-photos

You may want to make sure that your wedding checklist is up to speck because not having a proper checklist will ruin you dream wedding day. As you can see from google trends, couples (especially the MRS!) are always on the lookout for a checklist

wedding photography Ideas

Ideas and Tips for Wedding Photography

It has been a while since I last posted something here.

I am going to be giving you some tips and ideas about wedding photography. Have been doing this for 15 years now, I consider myself to know a thing or 2 about the subject. Stay tuned!!

Check out this video for even more awesome wedding photography tips.