Wedding Venue Tips for Brides

A wedding day is a dream come true to many of the brides. It’s therefore imperative for the bride to want everything to be perfect. The venue for the wedding plays a crucial part in the success of the big day since this is where all the activities take place. You can have an amazing cake, breathtaking outfits, and enthusiastic guests, but if the venue is awful, the ceremony will not be a success.

Consider whether the size will accommodate your guests

Establish what you need in a particular venue. The size of the venue should accommodate your guests comfortably. Check for various details such as the number of rooms, the paths available, parking space among other features. Ensure there is adequate space for children to play to avoid distractions in the guest area.

Moreover, if possible consider selecting venues that have great views for you and your guests to enjoy the ceremony and take memorable photos. Most importantly, establish whether you want the venue to hold both the ceremony and reception or separate since it also determines size. It will give you a simpler time in identifying which venue suits you.

Compare the price with the budget

The prices charged for the venues vary. Choose a venue whose price lies within your budget. In most cases, the price depends on the size, demand and packages that come with the venue. Have a list of the most important items as per your ceremony and choose one that meets the most vital requirements. Consider the packages carefully and also seek the opinion of professionals before making the final decision.

Find out additional services offered

There are traditional and exotic wedding venues that you can have the wedding. Traditional venues are those that are popular in holding such ceremonies, for example, Exotic areas, however, don’t hold them as often. In both cases, enquire on additional services that you can get to save you from engaging other companies.

For example, catering services, decorating, photography etcetera. Since most are conversant with the activities that take place, you can get a better deal especially if in need of many of the services. It will also help with the coordination since the provider is one.

Determine the duration of stay allowed on the venue

wedding venues

Some venues restrict activities after a certain time. Check to confirm that your wedding schedule and activities line up with the regulations of the venue. Are you looking to have an all-night party or just a short ceremony? Make them aware of the plans.

Some venues tend to host more than one wedding a day. Ensure that your day does not overlap with other weddings leading to confusion. Any other activities taking place on the venue should not interfere with your event.

Conduct various venue visits

Before embarking on the journey to get a wedding venue, have a list of places you would like the wedding to be. In addition, include a list of preferred items in a venue. Then conduct site visits to all the areas on the list and mark the different services you get. However, do not visit more than three sites in a day since you might get overwhelmed. If possible, get one or two people to accompany you during the visit. They would be able to notice things you may miss out on.


These are just some of the tips to use when it comes to choosing your wedding venue. Especially relevant is remember to involve other people part of the wedding planning especially the groom. Another important person is the wedding planner if you have one since they are experienced.

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